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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

We Use Our Security Vote to Pay Kidnapers, take care of Police ~ Fayemi

We Use Our Security Vote to Pay Kidnapers, take care of Police ~ Fayemi

Ekiti State governor and former minister of mines and steel, Dr Kayode Fayemi has defended the governors bogus security vote and said substantial parts of the security vote are being used to pay kidnappers/bandits in order to secure the release of kidnapped victims, abductees and to take care of the Police.

Fayemi said this while speaking at the just concluded 25th edition of  the Nigerian Economic Summit Group Conference 


“Security vote exists in various forms and not just in Nigeria. They may not call it security vote, they may call it contingency vote.

“The important thing is the government utilises a wide range of mechanism to guarantee security in a state and it is not just ammunition and weapons that I am talking about. Even keeping the touts in check is a security challenge in many states and managing that process may cost you money that you cannot necessarily show the auditors.

“The other element which states don’t get credit for is what we do for the federal police. Nigeria is the only federation in the world that I know runs a centralised police force. You have federal police that is not being funded properly by the federal government so the responsibility for funding those guys that are posted to your state is on the state. You buy uniforms, ammunition, pay allowances, do life insurance, buy vehicles; that is not provided for and that is security vote because we are expected to protect the citizens.

“Let me also say this, you will not hear it out there from anybody. When people are kidnapped and their relatives are harassing the governor or security institutions to track down the victims.

“We track them down, we know where they are. What you hear us say outside is that we don’t pay ransom and we stick by that. We don’t pay ransom, we don’t bribe kidnappers but we get those people released.

“I will not go into the ugly details but we spend money in ensuring that we get abductees and victims out of harm’s way because ultimately that is what the victim wants us to do. The parents don’t want to hear the story that we don’t pay a ransom. You just have to whatever you have to do to ensure that we get our citizens out of danger,” he said.

Fayemi was on the panel alongside Babatunde Fowler, executive chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Jordi Borrut Bel, Nigerian Breweries MD, and Eme Essien, country manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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