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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Prof Kolapo Olusola promises transformation of state owned Institutions of learning, charges EKSU Freshers to aim at Excellence

Prof Kolapo Olusola promises transformation of state owned Institutions of learning, charges EKSU Freshers to aim at Excellence

Ekiti State Deputy governor Prof Kolapo Olusola has said the state's Higher institutions of learning shall be upgraded and made conducive for learning when he becomes the governor of Ekiti.

The PDP gubernatorial candidate in the July 14, 2018 election who made this known today while addressing the 100 level students of the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, also charged the freshers to have Eagle mentality of excellence in order to stand out amongst their peers.

The Deputy Governor, who was a guest speaker at the orientation exercise put together by the school management to prepare the new students' minds for the task ahead in their university sojourn and beyond was warmly welcomed by the school management and the students.

The students who could not hide their joy on seeing Ekiti State deputy governor in their midst danced and cheered exhaustively.

Addressing the students after he had been called upon by the institution's Vice chancellor, Prof Bamdele to deliver his lecture themed, "Democracy and studentocrazy in the 21st century; Academic excellence as a gateway to success", Prof. Olusola described his visit to the academic environment as a home coming for him.

"Coming from academic background, the way we do things in our institutions will change when I become governor by the special grace of God. There shall be Improvement in all ramifications in our institutions and the students' learning environments shall be made conducive for them," Prof. Olusola assured

Educating the students the nitty gritty of excellence, characteristics that determine man's success, and factors that take away man from success, the erudite Professor of Building Technology said Anybody in right senses, a normal human being would always have a desire to excel.

"The desire to excel is the first thing in life, without that desire, you can be nobody. Coming to the university, it is not about cramming or memorizing lecture notes, it is about learning, and understanding what you have learnt, it is then the University will pass through you.

"You all come here with so much hopes and desires to be great. From experience, some started well and finished poorly, some started well, but along the line, they did not finish. There are some people who have been withdrawn from schools, but still parade themselves as students," he said.

Explaining further, Prof Olusola taught that Desire, Willingness, and Readiness to learn will lead the students to acquiring knowledge. He further stated that learning can be obtained through; Reading, watching, browsing, hearing, and by divine revelation.

"Desires lead to knowledge, knowledge leads to understanding, the application of knowledge and understanding leads to wisdom; and the interplay of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom is called skills," he explained.

Defining excellence, the PDP gubernatorial candidate in July 14th 2018 election said excellence means to surpass, superlative, to be at the best, first class performance in in a chosen field. He stated that excellence has no bus stop, even in death, a memory can still be excellent.

The Professor of Building Technology mathematically thereafter defined excellence as Great + Grace = Excellence Labour + Favour = Excellence

"Excellence is beyond four walls of the university. Excellence is not grade, it is an inbuilt thought to think well and do well," he said.

Informing the students the factors that take man away from success, Prof Olusola said, "chicken mentality is one of the mentalities that can take you away from excellence, because students with chicken mentality always chicken out, and they'll never try to attain success.

"Monkey mentality; those with Monkey mentality are of partying types. They party away their lives and futures.

"Horse mentality; they are the people rushing into exercise without adequate preparation. They are those people who only prepare for exam whenever examinations approach.

"Ostrich mentality; they are the careless type who labour effortlessly to study but later on engage in vices that can lead to their expulsion, thereby wasting their laboured years.

"The butterfly mentality; they are those people who are pretentious in their living and studying.

"Eagle mentality; this is the mentality of the excellence eyes. The eagle has foresight, and can see far off, its always proactive. The eagle student is never afraid of examination. The Eagles hibernate so that they can regenerate.

"You need to separate yourself from the crowd to study so that you can stand out."

The generous deputy governor did not go without blessing the Students by donating a sum of N1,000,000.00 to support the students union body. Another N150,000.00 was also given to the two comedians who livened up the crowded hall.

Highlight of the event was a cash gift of N50,000.00 given to a student that answered correctly question thrown to the students during the orientation exercise.

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